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Welcome to my blog!

I love visiting places, meeting new people and different cultures. I enjoy reaching the corners of each city, smelling them, tasting them, talking to people and being part (for a few days) of their lifestyle.

When I travel, I experience peace, gratitude, a lot of joy and positive energy. Each place, even if I visit it for the second time, awakens the magic of discovering and living new things.

With this blog I intend to tell you my experience, what I felt and lived in each town and in each corner. I want to transmit what I call the human face of each city, because no destination would be so beautiful if I don’t have the opportunity to have contact with those who live there, if I don’t learn about their beliefs or if I do not taste the traditional food or touch what they made with their hands.

I write my experiences because I want to facilitate your next trip with useful information and, if it is not in your plans to travel or has already done so, I would like you to know each city through my eyes.

Also, I write to never forget the privilege of having visited fantastic places around the world.

This adventure I undertake with my travel companion, my husband Jose, the non-visible face of the blog and the planner, par excellence, of the best itineraries ✈️.

Join us on this trip!

— Tatiana

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